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Chef Shachi Mehra

I am beyond excited to introduce you to Spice Girl Sauces, a line of sauces meant for everyday use on your favorite foods. With an authentic Indian soul, my sauces are made with only the best ingredients, in line with the culinary philosophy I have been following my entire career, most prominently through my Indian restaurant, ADYA.

These sauces are a celebration of my history and roots in India, where my story begins. Even though I immigrated to the U.S. at a young age, I grew up in traditional Indian household, and after finding my passion in the kitchen, it wasn’t until I delved into Indian cuisine that I truly felt home. I have come to appreciate and celebrate my Indian heritage and culture, and I am grateful to be able to share it with others every day through these Spice Girl Sauces. These sauces also pay homage to those who have inspired and mentored me along the way – the most prominent of whom is the late-Chef Floyd Cardoz, who taught me the importance of balance, in flavors, on a plate, in a dish, and in life. That balance is at the forefront of these sauces, which work to complement a wide variety of foods, and appeal to a range of palates and preferences. Every bottle is created with quality ingredients and while they are rooted in Indian flavors, the heat level and overall taste lends itself to enhancing everything from breakfast dishes to dinner entrees. They also make a great dipping sauce for almost any finger food or snack (that’s how I enjoy them most)!

Please enjoy our line of sauces – they are bright & balanced with a complexity of flavors that will definitely have you craving more!

Chef Shachi Mehra
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